Counseling for College Students in Connecticut

Lindsey Howard, LCSW - Grit & Growth | Psychotherapy - In-person, online, and telephone Counseling in Connecticut

Lindsey Howard, LCSW – Grit & Growth | Psychotherapy – In-person, online, and telephone Counseling in Connecticut

Getting that acceptance letter was the best thing ever.

You thought that, once you were in college, it was going to be much easier.  You weren’t going to have overly attentive parents or teachers watching your every move  You were going to finally feel the independence and freedom that comes with being a young adult.

College is harder than you thought it would be.

Responsibilities are mounting, people’s expectations of you are increasing, your classes are tough and connecting with people in a real way is tougher. This is not at all what you envisioned about the college experience.  This is not at all what you wanted for yourself.

You didn’t anticipate the demands of the labor-intensive assignments.  You didn’t realize how much time would be required to get good grades, and you didn’t realize how it’d feel for things to not come as easily as they did in high school.  Isn’t this supposed to be the best time in life?

The anxiety in college is real!

As the pressure builds, your anxiety kicks in and the hamster wheel runs in your head, keeping you awake at night and playing out worst-case scenarios–failure, loneliness, isolation, embarrassment.  The anxiety and feelings of stress and overwhelm are now foremost in your mind and are destroying the self-esteem, happiness and confidence you had when you first received that acceptance letter..

My name is Lindsey and I am a therapist for college students

My goal is to help you manage your stress, anxiety and overwhelm in ways that can help you have a successful and fulfilling college experience.  We will examine the thoughts and feelings that are making you feel like college life is unmanageable, explore strategies and tools that can alleviate the discomfort that you’re feeling and transform college into what you always wanted it to be.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to feel supported as you navigate your way through the challenges of college, please call or email me to set up a free, 15-minute consultation for counseling in Connecticut. My specialties include online counseling, anxiety counseling, stress management counseling, and counseling for life transitions.