Anxiety Counseling and Stress Management in West Hartford, CT

Anxiety Counseling and Stress Management in West Hartford, CT

Some days, you wake up with your heart racing.

Other days, you feel so numb that your racing heart would be a welcome reminder that you’re still alive.
It can be hard to navigate your day, feeling this anxious, overwhelmed, and untethered, watching your responsibilities, commitments, and emotions swirl around you in the funnel cloud that has become your existence.

You need support, but who would really understand?

You don’t trust that many people would understand, and because you’re functioning adequately in the roles you have in your family, work, and relationships, no one has any idea how much you’re struggling. You’re feeling alone and don’t feel convinced that speaking up and being visible in this way is a good idea.

Everyone thinks you have it all together.

You’re competent, professional, perceived as strong and independent, and figure out everything on your own. You’ve been under the radar, maybe forever, and nobody thinks to look in on you because, on the surface, you seem fine. You don’t seek attention or ask for help very often, assuming you won’t get it.

Anxiety Counseling and Stress Management.

Lately, the anxiety and stress are just too much. For as long as you can remember, anxiety and being overly stressed are normal feelings, as overwhelm, sadness, and a tendency toward depression. The fact that now you are experiencing a big life change, such as a break-up, divorce, relationship problems, an overload of stress, a move to a new city, or adjusting to college is just making matters worse.

You need change and you need it now.

Even though you’re strong, sensitive, and conscientious, you’re struggling. You’re wondering if the things that feel like they’re crushing your spirit are able to be changed. You’re starting to ask yourself if this is the life you want and how you can experience more freedom, peace, and empowerment.

My name is Lindsey and I specialize in helping adults cope with anxiety, stress, life transitions and adjusting to college.

As bad as this all feels right now, it is temporary. I will help you build resilience, explore your challenges and develop clarity around who you are and who you want to be. Our work together will support you by providing a much-needed connection as you decrease your anxiety, better manage your stress and find ways to ultimately have a more peaceful, fulfilling existence.

Please feel free to contact me at 860-916-5558 to schedule a complimentary, 15-minute consultation to learn how I can help you.


I have had experience with many therapists and Lindsey has always remained at the top of my list, one I’d recommend to my best friend, sister. colleague or clients.  Lindsey truly listens and is compassionate.  She offers sound and grounded advice.  She has helped me navigate many of life’s difficult situations and see things more clearly.  I’m a mother of two teenagers, both of whom have significant challenges. Lindsey has always made herself available to listen and help me.  She has given me valuable advice regarding important long term and immediate decisions, and has been a sounding board to life’s daily challenges.  Lindsey is smart, intuitive, kind and compassionate.  She has helped me see the light during times of cloudiness.  I am truly thankful to have found Lindsey.

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Client Name Withheld

Lindsey is compassionate, smart as a whip and, what’s more, she has exceptional levels of insight and intuition, all of which make her an ideal therapist.  She has helped me tremendously, all while providing a really supportive and nonjudgmental space. She’s also incredibly witty with a wicked sense of humor, which can bring levity when discussing dark or difficult topics.
I’m so lucky to have found her and wouldn’t trade her for anyone or anything. She’s an essential part of my healing and I’d hate to take this journey without her by my side.

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Client Name Withheld

During an incredibly tumultuous time in my life, I spent several months in what many would consider “a state of crisis”.   In an effort to gain a better understanding of my struggles and circumstances and find a new direction, I sought out a therapist.  I had the great fortune of connecting with Lindsey. During our time together, Lindsey provided me with invaluable support, guidance, and direction.  She listened and she validated.  But, more importantly, she gently and strategically challenged me to find my own path toward resolve.  In doing so, she gave me the skills, the strategies, and the wherewithal to identify what was influencing my emotions and directing my actions. She then processed with me in a manner that led me to real answers and, ultimately, brought me to peace. Lindsey is a compassionate, understanding, and empathetic counselor and her therapeutic techniques are purposeful and highly effective. I am a stronger, more thoughtful person because of Lindsey.

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Client Name Withheld